This place enchanted me from the first moment. I felt at home. Perhaps it was the magic of the past, perhaps its present perfection,

perhaps a convergence of the two. Be that as it may, I promised myself that I would return.

And I returned as president of the company to vest myself,for the simple fact that this place's ambient spirit makes all the difference.

- Enrico N. B. Aidan

Managing Director



Degustation Gala Dinner

Degustation Gala Dinner

A special degustation gala dinner was hosted at Rodon Place in 2015 to showcase the boundless capacity of our award-winning chef and his team to the cream of the national gastronomy press. Accomplished representatives of the most popular media, and celebrated food editors with an expansive audience of followers, had the chance to enjoy unrivalled hospitality and high-gastronomy creations that blended elements from Greek, Arabic, Italian, French and Russian cuisines, an experience described vividly in the extensive coverage they delivered throughout the entire winter 2015–2016 season: